Crunch Junkie — Peanut Butter (Large 16oz Jar)


Crunch Junkie — Peanut Butter

Organic fresh roasted peanuts, organic raw Heirloom jungle raised peanut, organic raw cashews, organic raw macadamias, organic cold pressed raw sunflower oil, organic cold pressed raw coconut oil, 100% organic maple tree sap, organic raw pumpkin seeds, organic raw sun dried coconut, organic raw ground flax seeds, organic 70% cacao chips (70% organic cacao / 30% organic sugar), Himalayan pink sea salt.

Category: SKU: HB-PB-CJ-V1


Our crunchy gourmet blend of organic macadamia nuts, organic cashews, organic walnuts, organic coconut strips, organic pumpkin seeds and organic chocolate into our creamy organic classic Healthy Butter making this blend so tasty you can eat it by the spoon alone. 12oz


Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 3 in


  1. Simon Stans

    An incredible nut butter. It is smooth and rich in texture, which makes it perfect as a spread. It tastes better than barney butter and has healthier ingredients. The chocolate chips add a delightful crunch every now and then. Eating healthy can taste good! I bought this butter at my local farmer’s market and it did not disappoint. You will love it.

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